Karmanwalay Cotton Factory
After overcoming all the challenges of different business, the Karmanwalay group of companies diversified their portfolio by establishing a Cotton Factory in the heart of city. Karmanwalay produces 40% crop of Phuttis in Punjab Province. The business was initiated in December 2000 and became fully functional in August 2001. Karmanwalay Cotton Factory gins the Phutti and produces best quality lint and supplies it across the country to different textile mills and to the exporters. It also produces the Cotton Seed (Kakro) and supplies it to our own Karmanwalay Oil Mills.

Karmanwalay Oil Mill crushes the Cotton Seed and produces three products listed below:
Oil Cake (Khar), which is supplies to different cities across the country and used as animal food.
Food Oil, which is supplied to different ghee industries across the country and they then re-process to convert in pure ghee.
Oil Dirt (Gad), which is supplied into the local market. That is to be used in producing Black Soap.

Karmanwalay CNGs Pump
After having successful in Cotton business and Oil Mill business, the Karmanwalay stepped into a totally different business that was CNG. Started with one CNG in city, they now own two more CNGs stations on Admore outlet. One is in the same city.
We also have mini marts at all CNGs which has all general food and gift items available. Fast food restaurant is also part of CNG.